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The lap steel; visually stunning,
sonically beautiful!

series of the sipsey river steel lap steel guitars

Let us hand craft your next lap steel guitar!

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Each Sipsey River Steel is handmade, one at a time from Cypress knees (roots). Every guitar is a one of a kind piece, each one individually numbered and signed by me. There are no body templates. Each Cypress knee is unique, and the instruments crafted out of them will be unique as well. Each guitar is completely handcrafted, one-at-a-time, and reflects the natural shape and look of the Cypress knee, just as it came out of the swamp. I've learned much during the prototype stage, and have been honing the process to bring you some of the most unique lap steels around. I craft solid bodies as well as hollow bodies. Either can be strung with any gauge string to fit your personal preference.

The electric versions come with active EMG electronics, for a growling overdrive or the sweetest clean sounds around. The string contact points of the electric versions (Solid or hollowbody) go from the nut directly to the tailpiece for an incredible sustain..

The acoustic version is equipped with a bridge saddle that contacts the soundboard for an amazingly big acoustic sound. This version is equipped with K&K under saddle transducer pickups.

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